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Brass Lessons

Year 8 student, Amelia writes:

I was chosen to have funded Cornet lessons in Year 7. I have been playing for almost two years and have really enjoyed my lessons and all the extra ensembles that I am able to be a part of. I play in the Brass Ensemble and Orchestra and love playing in these because of the variety of music we play and because everyone is welcome, making us our own musical family.

Year 7 student, Jonathan writes:

I have been selected for free Trombone lessons. I find that this is a great opportunity to be able to learn a useful skill. As a Trombone player I have become a member of the Brass Ensemble. It's good to play in an ensemble because you learn to keep in time with other and use your listening skills. I have also been able to try conducting. I'm looking forward to Orchestra and seeing new faces in the ensemble next year.

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