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Trampoline Appeal

We are working with the PE Department to raise funds for a Trampoline. We have already raised £2,000 and we need to raise the remaining £800 to purchase the Trampoline. Can you help?

Mr Nicholson, Head of PE, writes:

Trampolining is a gymnastic based activity that can provide our students at English Martyrs' the opportunity to learn and develop a wide range of skills and techniques. Bounces, shapes, twists and landings will be some of the skills developed by students whilst on the trampoline, but additionally they will be provided with another opportunity to improve their health and physical activity levels. Unlike other sporting activities provided at English Martyrs', flexibility and core strength of students will be improved whilst gaining an understanding of the importance of body control both in the air.
Additionally, all students that participate in a trampolining session will also be taught how to spot correctly. This will involve being informed of what their role is when not performing on the trampoline, which will also include learning about the health and safety aspect of the sport.
Trampolining will be incorporated into the PE curriculum at English Martyrs' with the purchasing of this specialist equipment. This will be of special benefit to any students that choose to study any sport related options at GCSE and A-Level. As part of their courses, students will be provided with the opportunity to use trampolining as a selected assessment activity in the future.

Year 7 students write:

I am very excited to be able to have trampolining sessions at English Martyrs and can't wait to use it! - Shay
I am delighted to hear about the trampolining opportunities as it is a sport that is fun and improves physical activity - Finley
I can't wait to see the new trampolines and when it gets here I know that I will be very eager to use it - Caroline
I am really excited about the possibility of having trampolining in school. I've had some really fun and positive experiences of trampolining outside of school, so to have them also in school would be amazing! - Ava

Please support our appeal for a Trampoline!

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